1. FOTO AQUA - April 18, 2013 - Series of photos and the slightly edited “best of” (top) from Salt Creek Beach.

    by HikerEyes

  2. FOTO FLASHBACK - July 4, 2004 - DONT MOVE!

    by HikerEyes

  3. FOTO AQUA - April 18, 2013 - Tubing @ Salt Creek Beach

    by HikerEyes

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  6. ombuddha:

    Physical death is a more dramatic manifestation of the dying that goes on continually throughout the day. We are perpetually facing the beginnings and endings of situations and circumstances without appreciating the emotional toll that these small births and deaths have on our lives. It can be as subtle as forgetting a thought or as common as falling asleep. Change itself is death.

    Rodney Smith.

    Photo by MadCupcakes.

  8. slowpathtorecovery:

    indian tourists enjoy a traditional boat rid eon dal lake in srinagar, india

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  9. gradyichooseyou:

    Tiger Lily having fun with the light box hahaha

    This cat is my little biff

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  10. westeastsouthnorth:

    Namche Bazaar, Nepal

    I sure do miss it :-)